Welcome to Jackbot!

A Simple, Fun, and a Great Way to Profit!

JACKBOT is a Telegram bot that is triggered every time a wallet purchases the token $JBOT. It operates with a chance of hitting anything between x1 and x100, all on-chain, provably fair. And the best part? You get to keep your tokens even if you don't win!

Welcome to JackBot
How to use JackBot

How to use Jackbot?


Purchase the token using any Decentralized Exchange, such as Uniswap, or a Telegram bot like Maestro


Check the Jackbot Telegram chat to see what your wallet received! It will either be x1, which means you did not win any extra tokens, or it could be anything up to x100!


If you win, you will receive your profits directly in the wallet you used for the purchase. All transactions will be on-chain and provably fair.


And if you did not win, you get to keep your tokens. You can hold them or resell and repurchase again for a second chance!


Lend Our Services

Project developers and owners can lend our services, using our bot and integrating their own tokens into it. Alternatively, you can simply add our bot to your own chat to share the fun with your community!


Revenue Sharing

JACKBOT will feature an automatic revenue-sharing system. We will distribute our profits, earned from token taxes and bot lending services, into a pool. Users can stake their tokens in this pool and earn profits passively.

JBOT Tokenomics

- Maximum suppl y : 100,000,000,0 0 0

- Bought back and burnt: 10,000,000,000 (10%)

- Circulating in Liquidity Pool: 99,000,000,000

- Tax Structure: 0% Buy Tax, 10% Sell Tax, 0% Transfer Tax

- Starting Bankroll: 7,000,000,000 tokens (these tokens are bought back and not airdropped)